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Overview of AddEmail ActiveX


The AddEmail ActiveX enables your application to send e-mail messages. AddEmail was designed to work with all development environments that support COM objects, ActiveX or OCX controls. Easy-to-use and flexible object model allows application developers to implement e-mail support without a time-consuming learning curve. AddEmail was developed for today's most demanding applications and was thoroughly tested to ensure enterprise-level reliability and stability. The AddEmail ActiveX license agreement allows you to embed and distribute AddEmail within your application, royalty free. Main features of AddEmail ActiveX are:


Send e-mails using SMTP and ESMTP protocols with optional authentication and SSL encryption.

Send text or HTML e-mails with any number of attachments.

Create or import HTML e-mails with embedded images.

Supports e-mails with multiple recipients in To, Cc and Bcc fields.

Sends large e-mails asynchronously without blocking your application.

Progress and status events allow to implement user-friendly UI: progress indicator, cancel button etc.

Sends several e-mails simultaneously without any multi-threading support in your application (AddEmail Enterprise version only).

Sends e-mails directly to recipients' mail servers without using SMTP server of your organization or internet provider (AddEmail Enterprise version only).


Developer Support


Please visit Traysoft Developer Tools website at www.traysoft.com for the latest version of this manual. You can also find additional samples, news, updates and other AddEmail-related information on our website.


If you have any questions or problems please submit a support request or send an e-mail to devtools@traysoft.com. We respond to all inquires within 1-2 business days.