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Both versions allow you to distribute AddEmail with your application without any additional payments. There are no run-time licenses and you can distribute AddEmail with your application on any number of computers.

In addition to all features of the Professional version, Enterprise version has multi-threaded SMTP engine that can send many messages very quickly. Enterprise version can also send emails directly to recipients' mail servers without using outgoing mail server of your organization or internet provider. The advantage of sending emails directly is that your application knows if a message was delivered successfully right away. If a message was not accepted (wrong email address for example), AddEmail returns error result, and users of your application can see that email address is wrong right away, without waiting for "message not delivered" email from the server. If you just need to send 50 or less emails to your employees or customers, Professional version should be enough.

Comparison of Addemail Professional and Enterprise Features

Feature Professional Enterprise
Text emails
HTML emails
Unlimited number of attachments
HTML emails with embedded images
Import HTML with images from disk
Multiple To, Cc and Bcc recipients
International characters
Full Unicode support
SMTP authentication
Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
Encrypted connections (SSL/TLS)
Non-blocking asynchronous sending
Progress indication events
Multi-threaded SMTP engine to send large amount of emails very quickly
Send multiple emails simultaneously
Send emails directly without using SMTP Server
AddEmail Help and AddEmail Manual included
Over 50 Visual Basic (VB6), VB.NET, C#, Visual C++, ASP, ASP.NET, Delphi, PowerBuilder, VBA (Access and Excel), JavaScript and VBScript samples included
Free run-time distribution
Price (per developer) $159 $299

Please note that AddEmail Demo has all features of the Enterprise version enabled.

Please check SMTP settings and make sure they are correct. Try the same settings in other email software like Outlook. If you have a firewall installed on your computer please make sure it is configured to enable outgoing connections to port 25. Also some antivirus programs (McAffee antivirus, CA antivirus and others) have a setting to prevent programs from sending emails on port 25. The setting is called something like this: "Disable mass email worms from using port 25". Such setting prevents all programs except Outlook to send emails.

Please set SenderHostname property of SmtpMail object to the hostname (domain name) of the computer that sends email messages, such as “”. By default AddEmail uses computer name as the SenderHostname. Some mail servers perform DNS lookup on the hostname and refuse connection if DNS lookup fails.

Some mail servers perform reverse DNS lookup on IP address of the computer that tries to send an email. Please check reverse DNS for the IP address of the computer where your application is running. You can do that using AOL Reverse DNS Tool .

If there is no reverse DNS entry for your IP address, please ask network administrator to create it. Try to set SenderHostname property of SmtpMail object to the hostname that reverse DNS lookup returns.

Also some mail servers do not accept direct emails from dynamic or residential IP addresses. If your application runs on the computer with dynamic or residential IP address, you might need to use SMTP server to send emails.

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